Snag Partnered With Stride To Reduce Campaign Creation Time & Eliminate Dependencies On Engineering.


faster campaign creation

3 - 6

months reduction in engineering work


hour weekly reduction in operational support

The Company

Snag is the largest and fastest-growing platform for hourly work, with more than 60 million active job seekers and job opportunities at 300,000 employer locations in the US and Canada. Snag’s on-demand service instantly connects hourly workers with available shifts, giving workers the flexibility of working when and where they choose while employers are assured every shift stays filled. For more information, visit or join them on Twitter and Facebook.

The Challenge

Snag’s marketing team was responsible for delivering a great customer experience across a large and diverse set of users. However, the logic driving the customer journey was hidden in code not accessible by the marketing team. They were not able to action on information siloed in data warehouses, gain insight into customer behavior, or deploy trigger programs on the e-commerce platform without engineering resources and months of wait time.

“We are able to discover new touchpoints to begin and continue conversations with our customers, analyze the impact, and drive strong results. All the while giving our customers a better experience.”

Ema Gantcheva Senior Director of Marketing

The Solution

Empower the Snag marketing team to deploy personalized customer experiences.

Actionable Data Access

Stride’s codeless site tag provided a wealth of actionable data to the marketing team. The ability to modify the tag without any incremental effort from engineering made it simple to gather data.

Using the intuitive, self-servicing Stride platform, the team then set up real-time trigger campaigns based off of any type of behavior.

360° Customer View

Snag used Stride to complete their view of the customer by unifying customer data across website activity, Salesforce, and SQL databases.

The team was able to ensure every campaign took into account the full history of the customer including behavior, billing and sales status. This allowed the team to power continuous conversations with a high level of personalization.

Customer Service & Experience

As Snag's business has grown, Stride’s pre-built database and platform integrations enabled the team to seamlessly complete platform and tool migrations without compromising the customer experience.

Stride’s commitment to product enhancements and its world-class team of experts provide ongoing support of Snag's immediate and long-term business goals.

The Results

Snag is able to execute on work that previously took weeks in only 20 minutes. In addition to building segments and trigger programs on the fly, Snag leverages A/B testing and iteration on campaigns using performance insights, without relying on engineering.

Higher Impact Engagements

Snag’s access to robust customer profiles and behavioral data yielded detailed audience segments and a deeper level of personalization. Snag launched new programs across their marketing portfolio, increasing the number of customer touches, and driving them further down the funnel.

Increased Efficiencies

Stride’s customized trigger-building functionality eliminated 3-6 months of engineering work. The powerful segmentation capabilities eliminated an additional 40 hours per week of operational support. The marketing team was free to deploy sophisticated personalization for e-commerce customers without any manual work.