Amplify Your Marketing Technology

Stride complements Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Oracle Marketing Cloud, Adobe Marketing Cloud, as well as ads, site and sales tools.

Customer Data Connectors

Unified data that is accessible and actionable by all marketers.

Data Ingestion Framework

Out-of-the-box connectors for every data source and type including: SQL databases, FTP files, streaming API calls, Amazon S3 storage, Site Analytics, MDM tools, and 3rd party apps.

Enterprise Data Model

Stride fits its data model to any business, in any industry with any complexity. Stride handles everything from multiple customer identifiers, duplicate records, custom objects to legacy system transitions.

Full Event Data

Stride captures event data from your website, email, CRM, and databases, giving you the ability to react to customer behavior in real-time.

Enterprise-Grade Audience Builder

Easy-to-use interface that supports powerful personalization.

Easy-To-Use Builder

A modern point-and-click interface allows for quick segmentation. See insights about audiences in seconds, with no services required.

Powerful Segmentation

Build custom attributes and aggregations on top of your raw data. Append any data to your audience and power 1:1 dynamic content.

Sync To Channels

Sync audiences to any marketing channel. Keep them up-to-date or send one time lists for batch campaigns.

Engagement Engine

Create triggered campaigns without IT, engineering or services.

Campaigns Without Code

Create new triggered campaigns in minutes using a point-and-click interface.

Automatic Prioritization

Define and prioritize customer touchpoints. Automatically prioritize actions across campaigns.

Measure Results

Track campaign reach, conversion and lift. Measure results using custom metrics.

Testing & Experimentation

Test and iterate on campaigns in minutes.

Cross-Channel Testing

Create multi-touch tests, watch results and easily deploy the winning variant.

Holdout Groups

Create sticky holdout groups that can be used across campaigns. Measure lift and results using customizable metrics.

Iterate Quickly

Deploy new tests with confidence using built-in test sending and audit trails for quality assurance.

Actionable AI

Intelligently identify opportunities and engage customers.

Automatic Insights

Get out-of-the-box insights about your customer base and measure the results of your strategies against metrics that matter.

Machine Learning

Power the right message at the right time with machine learning models for optimal send time, predicted unsubscribes and more.

API For Your Models

Use Stride’s API to power your customer journey with your proprietary models.

Out-Of-The-Box Integrations

Rapid deployment using pre-built integrations.

Pre-Built Connectors

Stride’s has pre-built connections to your existing email, ad, website, sales, and channel execution tools. No migrations or lost quarters of productivity to get set up.

Compatible With Your Stack

Avoid lock-in with any single channel tool. Use Stride as the source of truth for customer segmentations and touchpoints. Access all your data in Stride at any time.

Custom Channels

Rich APIs to power your custom tools and expand as your use cases do.